CLIMBS Investment Management and Advisory Corporation or CIMAC was approved its primary and secondary licenses with the SEC on May 19, 2017. CIMAC is in the business of performing investment management and advisory, distribution, and shareholder servicing primarily for investment companies, commonly known as mutual funds in the Philippines.  

CIMAC is practically wholly-owned by the CLIMBS Life and General Insurance Cooperative or CLIMBS, one of the top life insurance companies in the Philippines. CLIMBS boasts of thousands of policyholders, most of whom availed of micro insurance. CLIMBS is part of a network of cooperatives with Php85 billion in combined assets and 1.4 million in combined membership.

The first investment company client of CIMAC is the CLIMBS Share Capital Equity Investment Fund Corporation or CSCEIF. The CSCEIF’s investment objective of the Fund is to generate medium- to long-term capital growth through investments primarily in equity securities issued by Philippine companies. The CSCEIF shall implement and Index Plus Strategy whereby the majority of its assets is invested in PSEi component issues while a small portion is invested in non-index component issues to help produce out-performance.

The Advantages with Mutual Funds

Professional Fund Management

Mutual funds are managed by highly-trained and experienced professionals whose main purpose is to exact optimum returns day in and day out.

Economies of Scale

The huge size of mutual funds makes for lower transaction fees and greater access to the capital markets heretofore enjoyed only by high net worth individuals.

Equitable Returns & Liquidity

Each mutual fund shareholder earns the same returns regardless of the size of his investment. Investments can also withdrawn easily.




Directors and Officers of CIMAC



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Directors & Officers

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Jorge G. Lumasag, Jr. President & CEO

Noel D. Raboy, MBAeX


Carlos G. Samontina


Prof. Nora A. Clar Director

Floriano R. Hilot


Atty. Daniel O. Evangelio, Jr.


Sofronio V. Talisic Director

Danilo T. Cabahug Director

Clemencia Q. Neri


Teddy D. Obsina

Chief Marketing Officer

Reynaldo G. San Andres, CPA

Compliance Officer

Blesilda L. Cumba Corporate Secretary